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Brea h8trs

this community is the shiznit!
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actually its pretty lame. anyway this community is for anyone in or around the brea area. you can say how much brea blows because i don’t care and i think it does too. (even though when we get old we will think of it as the greatest place on earth) but who cares - right now it bores me. ya i know what you’re thinking.... ‘then get out of here’ but you see i am working on that. that’s why i sit 40 hrs in front of a computer every week. so just up shut now. thank you.

we are all poseurs one way or another now get over it.

expose yourself. well, that sounds wrong but . . . you know what i mean, if you don’t man, are you stupid. share your mind about music, art, your music, reviews, whatever really, you can even whore yourself out and we will think yr pretty cool.

now hate me.

love always and forever,
the girl with the four eyes

so a lady walks into a bar with her pet duck on her shoulder
the bartender sees them and runs up to them yelling, “hey, i told you not to bring that pig in here!”
the lady looks at him disgustingly and says, “it’s not a pig! it’s a duck!”
the bartender turns to her and says, “i wasn’t talking to you i was talking to the duck.”

"Brea, when hell needed a ventilation system Brea was the vent." -the cock